Author/Organization: Futures Without Violence

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Young people, 12 to 19 years old, experience the highest rates of rape and sexual assault,i youth,18 to 19 years old, experience the highest rates of stalking,ii and 15.5 million U.S. children live in families in which intimate partner violence occurred at least once in the past year.iii Every day teens and tweens deal with issues that members of older generations never contemplated – How do I get help if my boyfriend/girlfriend is pressuring me to send a sexy text? Should I break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook? What do I do if someone is spreading online rumors about me? The pervasiveness of technology has created an environment unlike any other that has become a platform for teens to navigate their sexuality and first sexual experiences.iv Emerging issues like sexting, sexual coercion and bullying create serious challenges for millions of youth.

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Age: College, Middle School, High School

Topics: Community educators & leaders, Cyber bullying, LGBTQ+, bullying, dating violence, male survivors, men as allies, school teachers, sexual violence/rape, social media, statistics

Publication Date: 2013

Date Resource Added: February 3, 2021