First partner. First kiss. First time. It all starts with consent.

Beginning in December 2021, we are building on our #LevelUp teen sexual assault prevention campaign (released last year) to promote communication and consent in teen relationships. As well as provide resources for preventing teen dating violence. This campaign will encourage teens, as well as parents and educators, to get educated and become informed to help stop sexual violence before it starts. Follow SCCADVASA on Instagram to become a part of the conversation and choose to #LevelUp.

We know that talking about consent can be awkward. But, all healthy relationships start with communication.

text that says "Warning: Close to being a statistic. Y - Get consent to Regain Health, X - Game Over. 91-99% of sex offenders are men, don't be a statistic. Prevention starts with communication.

Prevention starts with education and communication.

Level up your knowledge, level up your game. #LevelUpForChange

So what’s next? Utilize the many resources on this website to help you learn what healthy relationships look like and how to identify the signs of abuse. Prevention starts with communication and education, so we encourage you to get educated in order to be a strong, supportive individual who stands up and speaks out against sexual violence.